Simple Way to Open Corrupted 2010 PowerPoint File

Are you unable to open PPT files in PowerPoint 2010? Need not get anxiety or enervated. Just make use of PowerPoint Recovery Tool, which is capable to fix any of the issues of 2010 PowerPoint files. Usually the main reason for files not opening on PowerPoint 2010 is due to some corruption to the file. As MS PowerPoint file gets corrupted on computer or laptop it starts flashing different kind of messages whenever any user tries to access those files. A few of the regularly occurring error messages are:

  • There was an error accessing file C:\documents and settings\username\presentation.pptx
  • PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by filename.ppt
  • Microsoft PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • This is not a PowerPoint Presentation

Of the different reasons that compels MS Office tool to deliver such kind of messages, the most regular one is due to virus attack. Viruses are small programs that get within the system from different external sources like internet, usb drives, etc. So, if such complicated programs are capable to make any sort of modification in the PPT file, then, it is very much possible that the file won’t be functioning normally under general circumstances. If you are getting any file association problem on the PPT 2010 file, the best possible solution to fix such problem is making use of PowerPoint Recovery Tool. To know more, visit:

The other common reason for PPT file corruption is improper management of PowerPoint files. When we make use of any file it is recommended to close the files using proper method. However, at times either user themselves forcefully close the file in hurry or due to some system error it gets closed abruptly. In such situation it is very much possible that laboriously created PPT file may get damaged. Implementation of application that can act as PowerPoint 2010 recovery tool is the only solution. Apart from this there are different other reasons that cause PPT file corruption, they are crc error, incomplete downloading, error in registry etc.

There are few that any user can keep in mind while making use of PowerPoint, so that any type of corruption happen. Of those things the most prominent one is implementation of authenticated antivirus, so that no viruses get inside system. Always follow recommended way to close the files on computer or PC. In case, if you haven’t followed any of the measures and have got corrupted PPT file then, simply make use of this tool. To know more about this context visit here:

PowerPoint Recovery Tool is one of the best software to repair any damaged or corrupted PPT file, on Windows based system. This tool scans the damaged PPT file and re-builds a brand new PPT file having each of the features of the old one. One of the other advantageous aspect of making use of this tool is that it has got best graphic user interface. At times PPT file delivers message like “The PowerPoint file is corrupt” while accessing it. To know about this context visit this webpage:

Follow Mentioned Steps Open Damaged 2010 PowerPoint File

Step 1: After downloading the demo version of PowerPoint Recovery Tool on your system, launch it to open main Window as shown in figure below. 

Unable to Open PPT Files in PowerPoint 2010 - Home Screen

Figure a: Home Screen

Step 2: Select 2010 PPT file which you need to repair using "Browse" button. After selecting unreadable PPT file PPT click on "Repair" option to initiate file fixing process as depicted in Figure b.

Repair PPT File Not Opening - Select 2010 PPT File

Figure b: Select 2010 PPT File

Step 3: As repairing of the 2010 PPT file is finished, last window appears showing "Preview File" option,as depicted in Figure c.

Fix 2010 PPT File - Preview File

Figure c: Preview File