Restore Corrupt PowerPoint File

Microsoft PowerPoint has become one of the most important application for organizations and individual due to its wide range of user-friendly features. However, despite being a strong and user-friendly tool, Microsoft PowerPoint application is quite cumbersome to deal with. Nevertheless, sometimes the user will be shocked to know that one of the important PPT/PPTX files may get corrupt and leave you helpless. Most often this takes place due to the infected virus rushed to your system. All your hard work seems to go in vain and all kinds of suspicions wobble around your frenzied mind. No one wants to lose his important PPT data when they needed badly. How would you undergo in such situations? Absolutely not so good even with great anxiety. Well, still the chances are there to fix the PPT file corruption issue but it depends on how quickly you act. Several tools can make it possible to fix the PPT file corruption issue. However, when it comes to restore corrupt PowerPoint file, PowerPoint Recovery Tool is the best software available in the world than can easily repair corrupt PowerPoint files of any size.

PowerPoint presentation is the simplest way to elaborate the things in short form. The PPT file displays an unusual behavior whenever it gets corrupted. The corruption of presentation generates the possibility of data inaccessibility. In such situations, the inaccessible data can be accessed only when you have a legitimate backup. However, no need to bother if you don’t have backup. As PowerPoint Restore Software tool will easily repair corrupt PowerPoint file and restore data from PPT file. Furthermore, you can also restore PowerPoint 2010 file by using this tool.

There are certain instances where the PowerPoint files may get corrupt. Some of the most common causes of PPT file corruption are listed below.

  • Sometimes while sharing the particular PPT file over a network, if there is any error occurred the the PPT file may be severely corrupted.
  • Sometime while working on PPT file, if your computer shuts down abruptly then the PowerPoint application terminates abruptly resulting in PPT file corruption. In case if the user doesn't have a backup of corrupt PPT file then severe data loss is guaranteed.
  • The causes like virus infectivity, file system corruption, abrupt termination of PowerPoint application, software conflicts, etc may also lead to PPT file corruption.

No matter how severely the PPT file is corrupted, PowerPoint Recovery Tool will easily restore corrupt PowerPoint file at your fingertips. You can also extract text from PowerPoint file. It is specially developed with an advanced features which helps to repair corrupt PowerPoint file types of PPT, PPTX and PPS etc. Once the PPT file repair completes, it provides an option to preview the repaired presentation. Furthermore, it can also fix PowerPoint 2007 file and repair presentations on all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. Moreover, you can restore corrupt PowerPoint file on all versions of Windows OS.

Few simple steps to restore corrupt PowerPoint file

Step 1: Download PowerPoint Recovery Tool and install it on your computer/laptop. And run the application to repair corrupt PowerPoint file as shown in figure A.

Restore Corrupt PowerPoint File - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Select PPT  file by clicking on "Browse" option then click on "Repair" to restore corrupt PowerPoint File as shown in figure B.

Fix Corrupt PowerPoint File - Select PPT File

Figure B: Select PPT File

Step 3: Click on "Browse" option to select the location where you want to save the repaired PPT file and then click save option to save the restored PowerPoint file as shown in figure C.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File - Save Repaired PPT File

Figure C: Save Repaired PPT File