How to Recover PPTX File?

Presentation is one of the best possible methods to make people understand the desired topic in a much practical way, which can be created by making use of different apps like Apple works, Impress, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Among these utilities the widely utilized one is MS PowerPoint, which forms a much authenticated PPT or PPTX format file. These auspicious files which are made for some specific purpose, at times become corrupt and thus forming a situation, where consumer of PowerPoint file have no idea what has to be worked out to make its usage again. In such circumstance user need not get panicked and make use of repair tool to perform PPTX recovery.

“PowerPoint cannot open the type of the file represented by filename.pptx”, “PPT error "No text converter is installed for this file type"” and “PowerPoint was unable to display some of the text, images, or objects on slides in the file, "filename.pptx"” are some of the generally shown messages by computer or laptop when any PowerPoint file gets corrupted due to any reason. Usually such messages are reported by system because of virus intrusion over system. Some of the viruses that get inside computer are capable to make any fundamental changes in the file and thus making it useless for users, i.e. making it corrupt. On having such development over PPTX file users get freaked out and end up doing such a thing that puts entire file beyond repair. User needs to do is, make use of PPTX repair tool that is armored sufficiently for fixing the desired file after PPTX recovery.

The other usually happening corruption issue in relation to PowerPoint file happens due to round tripping. Round tripping is nothing other than changing the PPTX file format from one to another on regular basis. Suppose if any PPTX is converted to XPS which is further converted back to PPT or converting PPT to PDF and later to original format. At, times such kind simple of changes make the entire file corrupt. Henceforth, need for PowerPoint Recovery Tool arises which would be capable to repossess the PPTX file in the exact same format as it earlier occurred to be. When corruption of PPTX file happens due to round tripping then, messages like "There was an error accessing xyz", “File is corrupted or damaged” and “This is not a PowerPoint Presentation” are popped on the screen while trying to access anticipated PPTX files over computer.

Need for PPTX data recovery can also arise due to various other reasons like saving of file over bad sectors of memory device, CRC error, interruption while making data transfer, corruption of PowerPoint tool, abrupt shut down of system, and many more. Each of the aforementioned scenarios of PPTX file corruption can be fixed simply by following some simple steps over the given utility in ample period of time. This tool is well established for performing PPTX recovery on various versions of MS Office such as MS Office 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. At some instances PPTX file sharing over network result in corruption, which too can be repaired by this application. To know more about this software’s efficiency to handle corruption of PPTX on network, visit the given link:

Note: You can utilize this tool to extract data from unreadable PowerPoint presentation after a click on

Perform simple steps to perform PPTX recovery.

Step 1: Firstly, install the PowerPoint Recovery Tool after downloading on computer or laptop. Next, launch the tool to open its Home screen as depicted in figure a.

PPTX Recovery - Home Screen

Figure a: Home Screen

Step 2: Select PPTX file which you need to repair using "Browse" button. After selecting file click on "Repair" to begin file fixing process as depicted in figure b.

Restore PPTX Files - Select file

Figure b: Click Repair after selecting file

Step 3: After fixing of the PPTX file, last window appears showing "Preview File" option,as depicted in figure c.

PPTX Recovery Tool- Preview

Figure c: Preview File