How to Repair PowerPoint File?

No doubt that inaccessibility of PPT file causes a great annoyance for a user. PowerPoint is a very often used to give demonstration of some projects or work, in a meeting. What if, on such an occasion PPT file refuses to open? Of course user will find himself/herself in an unpleasant situation. But, fortunately there is repair tool available. Which can handle such type of problem in just a few second with minimum effort?

Let’s take a glimpse of reasons which are responsible for PowerPoint file corruption. Among the various reasons some are like virus attack, conversion of file from one version o to another, round tripping and many more other scenarios which makes file corrupt.

Virus and malware attack to the hard drive on which file is stored or when file is being downloaded from internet, can makes file damage. Thus content of corrupted presentation file becomes inaccessible. Let’s take an example where virus or malware affects the PowerPoint file. Suppose user has downloaded a file from internet or other network and want to open it then error message is shown to the user saying that” There was an error accessing file C:\documents and settings\abc\xyz.ppt”. This error is due to virus or some other malicious program which has affected the file severely. To get rid of this problem, user should make use of PPT recovery tool which is the most promising software.

PowerPoint file also get corrupted due to continuous changing of file format from one format to another. This is technically known as round tripping. Suppose user make alterations in file format and changes it from PPT to PDF format and after sometime again to the original format in this process, there is a very high probability that user’s PPT file will get corrupt. Once the PPT files get corrupted it is no more accessible to the user. The only way to come out of such scenarios is to opt for an effective ppt recovery tool.

Another scenario where chances of data corruption of PPT files is, conversion of PowerPoint presentation from one version to another. This is required when user has made presentation using a machine having newer version of MS Office and presentation has to be deliver on a machine having older version of MS Office. In this process of conversion of presentation file, original file gets corrupt and user will not be able to open this file without use of fixing tool. Use this repiar utility to extract all data from that inaccessible file in an effective way.

The features which make this utility, user’s first choice and give it a special dimension of identity are mentioned as follows. One of the most vibrant features of this software is that it gives a preview option, with the help of that you can see the recovered files. This PPT recovery tool can fix all types of PPT, PPS and PPTX files. It is compatible with Windows 7 operating system having 32 bit and 64 bit format. With the help of this software PowerPoint 2010 recovery is also possible very quickly which is a latest MS Office version and widely used across globe. Apart from this, file corrupted because of abruptly system shutdown while PowerPoint file is being used can also be maintained. If any of the users have got broken PPT file then it can be easily fixed by making use of the given link:

Steps to Use PPT Recovery Tool

Step 1: Download and install PowerPoint Recovery Tool on your computer. And launch the tool to open its home wizard as shown in figure A.

PPT Recovery Tool - Home Wizard

Figure A: Home Wizard

Step 2: Select PowerPoint file and click on "Repair" to start PPT file repair process as shown in figure B.

Recover PPT Files - Select PowerPoint File

Figure B: Select PowerPoint File

Step 3: Click on "Browse" option to select the location where you want to save the repaired PPT file and then click save option to save the repaired file as shown in figure C.

Restore PPT Data - Save Repaired PPT File

Figure C: Save Repaired PPT File