How to Fix "File is Corrupted" Error on PowerPoint?

Like other users, you can also get into a drastic situation when PowerPoint says file is corrupted, and you fail to launch presentation. Few little mistakes are enough to make presentations corrupted and then your hard work has no mean. However, it’s not an end, still your hard work is productive and you can read or launch corrupt PPT file again. Read this tutorial and know how you can bring your valuable PowerPoint file to a healthy condition.

While working on PowerPoint presentations, you need to care about few common pit falls that are concerned for undesired changes on file. Very first, users are suggested to install MS Office suite properly and keep updating with new definitions. Because of improper installation or programming bugs, this application may get crashed and it may reflect unexpected change on PPT files. You may find PowerPoint presentations and other files are corrupted after abrupt termination of defrag operation. Similarly, this situation may occur after failure of file compression tool while packing/unpacking of PPT files. In this critical stage, you need to employ third party app to extract data from PPT file.

Similarly, you may receive error messages stating that PowerPoint file is corrupted when there is problem in Windows registry or after virus infection to this file. While working on PPT file avoid abrupt termination of program. Apart from this presentation file may be damaged after interrupted file sharing over network or while accessing file via remote server. Since, uncertainties are usual, you should keep proper backup of valuable presentations on computer hard drive so that you can use it after such calamity.  Otherwise you can use this link to explore best technique to repair corrupt PPT file.

So as you start receiving error and left with inaccessible PowerPoint presentation, try to identify problem and go with required solution. To restore corrupt PPT file in and effective and easy way, most of professionals prefer to utilize advanced PowerPoint Recovery Tool. It is really the best approach to deal with kinds of errors which are concerned for producing corrupt PPT files. With the assistance of such powerful application, you will never stop from delivering your presentation as it takes a short fraction of time to tackle and resolve all issues in PowerPoint presentation to restore it to previous condition.

PowerPoint Recovery Tool is packaged with special built in scanning engine that produces virtual copy of source PPT, PPTX and PPS files to repair and extracts images, OLE objects, hyperlinks, text, clip art, embedded objects, animations, sound effects and other elements to ensure perfect and lossless repair process. Software comes with user friendly interface where you can do preview of presentations after it is repaired. You can run this software on all major versions of Windows computers to fix corrupt PowerPoint file generated on MS Office PowerPoint 2000 and above suits. If you have prepared presentations on PowerPoint 2007 and now need to fix it, visit at

Follow these steps to fix PPT file

Step 1: Install this application on your computer and launch it explore main window.

PowerPoint Says File is Corrupted - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, use browse option to select and upload corrupted PowerPoint presentation and click on "Repair" tab to initiate file repair process.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File - Select Corrupted File

Fig 2: Select Corrupted File

Step 3: After repair process is done, you can do preview of file using "Preview File" option, as shown in fig 3.

Fix Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation - Preview Fixed File

Fig 3: Preview Fixed File