Repair and Open Crashed PowerPoint Files in Few Steps

PowerPoint is a part of Microsoft Office suite that commonly used to make attractive presentation with ease. This application helps different user to prepare presentation that can be based on business, education or any other purpose. You not only allow you to add text in making eye-catching presentation, but also you can add something more in it like pictures, Tables, animation, charts, album, multimedia objects, background etc. The ability to add more objects make the presentation file more appealing and impressive. When working on PowerPoint, you may face different problems that can make the PPT file inaccessible. Many of users unable to open the PPT file when PowerPoint crashes. If PowerPoint crashes when opening file, utilize PowerPoint Recovery Tool to recover data from PPT file easily. You can use this application to open PPT file on different versions of MS Office.

PowerPoint tool can be crashed in various instances and then you cannot open any file using this utility. Some instances of PowerPoint crash on computer are shown below:

Abrupt System Shutdown: Many times, we turn off our system inappropriately from main switch instead of following Windows shut down process or sometimes sudden power outage can turn off the system suddenly. In this situation, if any application is open that could be damaged. It can also happen when you are working on PowerPoint. You should use this PowerPoint Recovery Tool if PowerPoint crashes when opening file after abrupt system shutdown. This tool is very effective to open inaccessible PowerPoint file in such situation.

Incomplete File Saving Process: At the time of working on PPT file, there are times when we close the PowerPoint file without saving. While saving a PPT file, if the system is turned off suddenly or if the application is closed before the file is properly saved, that presentation may be corrupted. If we use "Allow Fast Save" option to save PowerPoint file automatically, there is much possibility of PowerPoint crash when the file is not saved properly. If you are working on 2010 PPT file and PowerPoint crashes when opening file, visit this link to recover it:

Software Malfunction: Registry policy settings may also be the reason behind PPT file corruption. Sometimes, user restricts presentation file to open in PowerPoint editor and then if you try to open it you may get an error message indicating an attempt to pen PPT file is blocked by registry setting. If PPT file corrupts due to use of improper application for editing, you can use this PowerPoint Recovery Tool to fix it.


Apart from these reasons, if PowerPoint crashes when opening file you can employ this utility resolve it effortlessly. Using this application you can repair any corrupted or damaged PPT file and also recover all slides completely. It will be applicable on all major versions MS Office like Office 2003, 2007, 2010 etc. You can also use this application to repair PPT or PPTX file even if it is password-protected. You can use this application on both Windows and Mac computers is PowerPoint crashes when opening file. To recover PPTX file in some simple steps, visit:

Follow Mentioned Steps if PowerPoint Crashes When Opening File:

Step 1: First, download & install this software on your computer. Next, launch it to open its Home Screen as depicted in Figure a.

PowerPoint Crashes When Opening File - Home Screen

Figure a: Home Screen

Step 2: Select the not-opening PPT file using "Browse" button. Once you select PPT file click on "Repair" to initiate file reepir process as depicted in Figure b.

Repair PPT File Not Opening - Select 2010 PPT File

Figure b: Select PPT File

Step 3: After completion of repair, this window appears showing "Preview File" option,as depicted in Figure c.

Fix PPT File after Powerpoint Crash - Preview File

Figure c: Preview File