Know How to Protect PPT 2010 File with Password

PowerPoint is one of the best available applications within the MS office suite which allows its users to create presentation in a very interactive manner. Since, these files are created with utmost care and intellectuality, so are generally kept at one of the safest locations of hard drive or any other storage device on which it is kept. But, many time such prevention and security measures proof to be useless. Hence, if you are in similar kind of situation then, simply use Remo More to password protect PowerPoint 2010 presentation. Once the password is awarded to the file, its security gets escalated immensely.
Mainly the need for security arises with people who keep sharing there PC or laptop with some other person on frequent basis. It’s also important because when any of you have been working on some mega project, then, its quite important to have certain level of security. In such state of affair, if PPT file is not securely kept then, it is possible that any person may lose some of the confidential files. Within the MS Office suite there are certain security options which can be used to provide password to the file, a few of them are detailed below:

  • Open File > Info > Protect Document
  • Select Encrypt password
  • Here you need to put password to the file, with great authenticity because once you set password for the file, there is no option to change or mend it.

One of the other things that any of the common users of the PPT file can do is to set the PPT file as final. As this is done none of the activities such as editing commands, typing, and different proofing marks are turned off or set off and therefore, document becomes just read-only. A few other things that any user can do on PPT to add security are adding digital signature, use Windows Live ID and many others. These measures of available over MS Office for free and thus users need not opt for any other third party tool. As such amendments are done on PPT file; user of PPT file can relax about the security of the PPT file.
But, demerits of these measures available over MS PowerPoint are that they don’t provide an ultimate security to file. So, the only available solution in such state of affair is that users need to make use of utility like Remo More. This tool is quite easy to implement and thus allows its users to have easy use and thus attain the desired task in matter of few clicks. This utility is capable to function on various file system that are NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and ExtFAT. Apart from protecting the PPT file this tool is capable to protect various other file formats such as DOC, PDF, EXE, MOV, MP4 and different others. If needed, this software can be easily implemented on various peripheral storage devices, with the same ease.

Few Simple Steps to Protect PowerPoint File

Step 1: Download and install Remo More on your system,and then launch this tool to open the Main Window. Upon the Main Window click on Manage to move further.

Password Protect PowerPoint 2010 Presentation - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2:On the File Protector Window click Private Locker as shown in Figure below.

Password Protect PowerPoint 2010 File - Private Locker

Fig 2: Zip Window

Step 3: As the setting of passowrd is done on the utility for PPT file a message appears as shown in figure below.

Protect PowerPoint File - Locked PPT File

Fig 3: Locked PPT File

Safe and Secure