How to Lock a PowerPoint Presentation File

PowerPoint files are very important to present a topic in a graphical approach. It is enormously used to prepare academic assignments or deliver business presentation. It may contain different confidential information about your business, which cannot be disclosed to others. To keep all information in your presentation file secure, you have to lock a PowerPoint file. In case of privacy, most of the people try to hide the file to prevent illegal access. But is not a proper way to protect important PPT file from strangers because one can unhide that file in the same way that you make it hidden. Therefore, to keep all information in the PPT file safe you should password protect that file using a third party application like Remo MORE. This tool is very efficient and trustworthy  to lock a PowerPoint file on computer.

One can protect a PowerPoint file through different ways. First of all, you can make the PPT file read-only to prevent editing by others. To make the presentation file final, you have to follow the appropriate way on MS Office PowerPoint. Using this way, you cannot prevent data-theft on your confidential PPT file. To make this possible, you need to lock a PowerPoint Presentation file with password so that no one can access it without your permission. Remo MORE is a well known application to protect PPT files very easily. It requires only some simple steps to set a password on the PPT file.

You can encrypt a PPT file with password through the Microsoft Office PowerPoint itself. Then, you need the knowledge about the proper step to perform this operation. First, you have to open the PPT file and click on the Office Button at left corner on the top. Now, you will get different option in which you have to visit Prepare option. Here, you will get different option to manage its accessibly features. If you want to lock a PowerPoint presentation file, you have to click on Encrypt Document option. Next, a new window will appear where you have to provide the password. This password will be required all the time, when you need to open the file. You have to follow this process every time whenever you need to protect a PPT file. Besides that, you have to remember each step to protect a PPT file.

To get rid of this problem, a group of experts designed this Remo MORE application that can lock a PowerPoint presentation file in few simple steps. First of all, you does not require any professional knowledge to protect your confidential data. You can protect all your PPT file at a time using this tool. Not only PPT file, if you need to lock any other file you can also employ this tool confidently. Another important feature of this application is that, no one can use this application to lock or unlock any file other than you. When you use it for first time, you need to set a password that will be needed to use this application. Finally, you can utilize this single tool to protect files on Windows, Mac and Android OS.

Simple Steps to Lock a PowerPoint Presentation File:

Step 1: First install this Remo More application on your computer and launch it to open the main screen. Here, you have to select "Manage" and then "File Manager" otion to move further.

How to Lock a PowerPoint Presentation File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On File Protector window, you have to click on "File/Folder Locker" option as shown in below figure.

How to Lock a PowerPoint Presentation File - File Protector Window

Fig 2: File Protector Window

Step 3: At last, you have to add those PPT files and click on lock button. As setting of passowrd is done previously, a completion message appears after this operation.

Protect PowerPoint File - PPT File Locked

Fig 3: PPT File Locked

Safe and Secure