How to Open Corrupted PowerPoint File?

Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used in different educational institute and business organization to create an exciting presentation. It has a great significance to represent any topic easily and effectively. Suppose, you have created an eye-catching presentation for your business meeting last night but when you try to open it in your office, you get shocked! Your PPT file is not opening because of some unknown reason. What will you do to handle this awkward situation? How to open corrupted PowerPoint file immediately? Here, is the solution of all your question and anxiety. An efficient PowerPoint Recovery Tool will help you to open inaccessible PPT file easily. Usually, PPT file refuses to open if any corruption or damage takes place on it and there are plenty of reasons behind corruption of PowerPoint file. But no need to worry, you can easily fix almost all types of corruption issues and open corrupted PowerPoint file using this application easily.

You should know about frequent reasons of PPT file corruption to avoid it in future. Let’s take a quick look on the severally happened PowerPoint file corruption circumstances.

PowerPoint Header Corruption: Header of any file is vital part that keeps essential information about the file and used to access it. Header of PPT file is mainly corrupted after improper termination of application when your file is open. If your system is abruptly turned off when you are working on the presentation file, header can be corrupted easily. After that, you cannot access that file and if you try to open it, you will get an error message. To fix that presentation in simple steps, follow this link:

Round Tripping: PPT file may also refuse to open if you change it in different format several times. Many times, we need to save a PowerPoint file in PDF, XPS or any other format and due to any reason you have to save it in PPT format again. If you perform this cyclic operation many times, there is a great possibility of corruption. If it happens with you, just employ this efficient tool and open corrupted PowerPoint file easily.

Your important PowerPoint may also be damaged due to bad sector on the disk where the file is saved or after infection of dangerous external threats. If you upgrade version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint application on your computer and you are trying to open your PPT file using the updated version, it may get damaged. If it happens with Powerpoint 2010 presentation file, this link will help you to repair:

Whatever be the reason, you can use this expert recommended tool to open corrupted PowerPoint file with ease. This PowerPoint Recovery Tool offers plenty of features to repair and open damaged PPT file. Using this tool, you can fix both PPT and PPTX file after severe corruption. Besides repair of corrupted PPT file, it also recovers information like hyperlinks, animations, tables, OLE objects, pictures etc. from the file. you can perform this repair process on all major versions of Windows operating system. To fix PPT file on Windows 8 computer, visit:

Note: Click on and know how easily you can fix PPTX file after the PowerPoint fails to open it.

If PowerPoint crashes and you cannot open the PPT file, use this link to fix it easily:

Steps to Open Corrupted PowerPoint File:

Step 1: Install this software on your computer and launch it to open the main screen as shown in fig a.

How to Open Corrupted PowerPoint File - Main Screen

Fig a: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the inaccessible PPT file using "Browse" button and click on "Repair" to start the repair process.

Fix Corrupted PowerPoint Presentation - Select File

Fig b: Select File

Step 3: After fixing PPT file, a window appears with "Preview File" option as shown in fig c.

Open Damaged PPT File - Preview File

Fig c: Preview File