How to Compress PowerPoint File for Emailing?

PowerPoint is undisputedly one of the best ways to presents ones view in a very interactive way. Different things such as text, formatting, animations, sound effects, images, OLE objects, fields including hyperlinks, etc. can be added on MS PowerPoint to increase interactive level of the PPT files. Generally these files are created at one location and presented at any other location. The best way to transfer such important files in secured way is emailing it. But, problem in emailing file like PPT is that it allows only specified size of the file. This problem can be resolved by compressing the PPT file before attaching to any email. One of the tools that help in doing such sort of compression is Remo More.

Many times it is users feel quite insecure to transfer their data using portable storage devices like pen drive, external usb drives and various others. This is because of the fact that the flash drives can be easily accessed by any unauthorized person. Since, nothing can be done in such state of affair users need to make use of the email to send any presentation in secure and easy way. But, as mentioned earlier there is limitation to the file size and thus need for compression tool reprises.

The other advantage of compressing the PPT file is that it consumes considerably low amount of uploading time. As this is done users can perform any other task after saving considerable amount of time. Security to the zip files can be added by just awarding password. As this is done, no unauthorized user can make access to the files.

Zipping any file allows users to add different other PPT’s upon the same email. This software achieves this sort of task with great ease in matter of few clicks. If required by the users the compression of the files can be easily performed using 10 different compression levels. While saving these files on computer or PC users of the tool can store by the extension of .zip and .rzip. If required by the users they can easily compress the zip files as large as 4 GB with great precision various versions of Windows and Mac operation system.

Not only the above things but other things that is facilitated by this tool is the various encryption method followed by this tool. Basically there are 4 available encryption level over Remo More tool which are Standard Encryption AES Encryption (128 bits) AES Encryption (192bits) and AES Encryption (256 bits). Using these encryption methods users can easily resolve each of the issues over the limited period of time. The different file system which are supported by Remo More tool are FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExtFAT, ReFS and different others. In case the user have outdated zip then, it can be used update the zip file on various file system.

Few Simple Steps to Compress PowerPoint File

Step 1: Download and install Remo More on your system, then launch this application by double clicking on desktop icon to open the Main Screen. On the Main Screen click on Manage to move further.

PowerPoint Slide Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2:On the Zip Winodww click create new RZip file.

Recover PowerPoint Presentation - Zip Window

Fig 2: Zip Window

Step 3: Make required modification in the settings of the Zip tool and click create as shown in figure below.

Restore PowerPoint Slide - Compressed File

Fig 3: Compressed File