Easy Way to Fix MS PowerPoint File that Can't be Opened

How it feels when you try to open an important PowerPoint presentation file on your system but find, it is not opening. Additionally, you encounter an error message “PowerPoint file is corrupt and cannot be opened”. Surely, it would be the worst experience for anyone when finding the file not opened as expected. Moreover, what if you find PowerPoint file corrupted soon before the time you have an important meeting regarding your project and there is no time to re-create the presentation. In such situation, the only way to repair PowerPoint file is to make use of a professional utility. By utilizing PowerPoint Recovery Tool, you can fix “PowerPoint file is corrupt and cannot be opened” error and make the presentation healthy again.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the finest utility by which one can create dynamic and impressive presentations. You can add features like animations, graphics, images, sound effects etc to your presentation to make it highly attractive. But, due to complex file structure with embedded objects, these presentations are very prone to various corruption issues. There are times, when you may encounter error messages like “PowerPoint can’t open the type of file represented by path/filename” or “PowerPoint file is corrupt and cannot be opened” when you attempt to launch presentations. There can be many known and unknown reasons for PPT file corruption but some factors, which are very frequent, are listed here-

  • Your PowerPoint presentations may be corrupted if the MS PowerPoint is malfunctioning. Improper installation, missing application files, corrupted Windows registry etc are reasonable for MS PowerPoint corruption.
  • When you are creating or accessing PPT file, if the power failure occurs and system gets turn off suddenly, it may affect PPT file data by damaging or corrupting it severely.
  • PowerPoint presentations may be corrupt while sharing over network due to existence of any error.
  • Storage drive corruption, virus infection, damaged CRC, software conflicts, abrupt termination of MS PowerPoint application etc are equally responsible for corruption to presentations. After such corruption, choose this application for easy repair of corrupt PPT. To know more visit this link: http://www.powerpointrecoverytool.net/corrupt.html.

However, no matter what is the reason for PowerPoint file corruption error and how severely it is corrupted, PowerPoint Recovery Tool provides easy and secure mechanism to fix corrupted ppt file. With this tool, one can fix corrupted PowerPoint file error on all versions of MS PowerPoint. Software has powerful automated repairing engine to fix corrupt PPT, PPTX and PPS file after “PowerPoint file is corrupt and cannot be opened” error. A smart utility that repairs and recovers text, animations, sound effects, formatting, embedded clipart, hyperlinks etc from a presentation. To use this software for restoring 2010 presentations, have a click on www.powerpointrecoverytool.net/2010.html. After repairing the presentation, software provides you an option to have preview of restored file. You can save repaired file on any type storage drive. If you want to fix damaged PPT file, make a click on www.powerpointrecoverytool.net/damaged-file.html

Steps to use the software

Step 1: Download and install the software on system. Now, launch the application to open its main window as shown in figure a.

PowerPoint File Is Corrupt and Cannot be Opened - Main Window

Figure a: Main Window

Step 2: Select corrupted presentation file, which you need to repair using "Browse" button. Now, click on "Repair" button to start repairing process as shown in figure b.

Fix Corrupted PowerPoint File Error - Select Presentation File

Figure b: Select Presentation File

Step 3: As repair process is complete, a window appears showing "Preview File" option as shown in figure c.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File - Preview Repaired File

Figure c: Preview Repaired File