How to Open Inaccessible PPT File?

PowerPoint application is very well known and widely used to create attractive presentation file for educational as well as business purpose.  A PPT file may contain animation, hyper links, sound effects, tables, images etc. and it is stored as .ppt or .pptx format depending on the version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Because of its lots of features and complex structure, PowerPoint file may undergo different corruption issues. In every cases, of corruption the result will be same, inaccessibility of file or loss of information on it. PowerPoint file cannot be opened if it is corrupted or damaged  in any circumstances. If you are suffering on such problem and do not want to lose your information, you need a professional PowerPoint Recovery Tool. This utility can fix almost all types of corruption issues and make your file accessible easily.

There are plenty of reasons that can make your PPT file inaccessible on computer. During wide usage of PPT file user do various mistake in handling. When you are editing your important PPT file if you abruptly close it without save, it may be corrupted. Due to sudden termination of Microsoft PowerPoint application after power surge or unexpected system reboot, PowerPoint file cannot be opened. No need to worry, this PowerPoint Recovery Tool is very effective to fix damaged PPT file with ease.

You may also encounter this problem after improper downloading of PowerPoint file from internet. Suppose you downloaded an important PPT file from internet through several interruptions because of internet failure. The situation becomes regretful, when you attempt to open that presentation and get an error message such that "There was an error accessing file C:\documents and settings\abcd\xyz.pptx”. There are many types of errors for which PowerPoint file cannot be opened and you lose all information from it. Apart from this error, you may get a message like “PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by filename.ppt” which results to the same.  To open those files using PowerPoint Recovery Tool, go through this link:

Suppose you are recovering an accidentally deleted PPT file from your computer. What will you do if such a recovered file is corrupted at the time of recovery? Don't worry, you can easily fix repair PPT file after recovery of such a file using a powerful recovery software such as PowerPoint Recovery Tool. 

Besides these reasons, your presentation file may be unreadable next to virus infection, operating system crash, file system error, software glitches etc. Sometimes, you do not have any information about the reason behind corruption of the PPT file. Then also, do not panic. This tool has the ability to fix broken PPT file in all types of corruption situation easily and effectively. Using this application, you can repair as well as recover intact information on that file.

PowerPoint Recovery Tool avails plenty of useful features to repair corrupted, damaged & inaccessible PPT file in few mouse clicks. It is applicable on both PPT, PPTX & PPs file formats of different versions of MS Office. This application is always effective on Office 2003, 2007, 2010 & others when your PowerPoint file cannot be opened. It is one of the most convenient and result oriented PPT repair application in some simple mouse clicks. This application is compatible with different Windows operating system like Windows 7, 8, XP. If you are a Windows 8 user and facing such issues on PPT file, follow this link:

Note: Refer this link to achieve perfect retrieval of deleted PowerPoint file.

Steps to fix inaccessibe presentation:

Step 1: First, download & install this PPT repair utility on your computer and open it.

PowerPoint File Cannot Be Opened - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: From main Screen, select the inaccessible presentation that you want to fix using "Browse" option and then click on "Repair" button to start repair process.

Repair Unreadable PowerPoint File - Select Presentation File

Fig 2: Select Presentation File

Step 3: When repair process will be finished, a window will be displayed with "Preview File" option allowing you to view the PPT file.

Fix Inaccessible PowerPoint Presentation - Preview Repaired PPT File

Fig 3: Preview Repaired PPT File