How to Fix Error in PowerPoint Presentation?

It’s not an easy task to create PowerPoint presentation when you have to draw your business idea for an important meeting. You worked hard on creating presentation but at the moment you try to open it, you get an error and PPT file fail to open. It might not be a good experience for users when they start receiving error messages like “PowerPoint cannot open the file represented by filename.ppt”, “PowerPoint file is corrupt and cannot be opened” or “abcd.ppt cannot be accessed”. Such errors are typical signs of corruption to the PPT file. When you encounter error while opening PowerPoint presentation, don’t be disturbed for your hard work as you have a complete solution to repair PPT file   and it can be achieved with the help of an effective PowerPoint recovery tool.

Commonly observed reasons for errors in PowerPoint presentations are:

  • If PPT file header is damaged it will not be accessible and when you try to open it, it will throw an error.
  • Often we need to send or transfer presentations via email attachments but can’t do it due to large size. To reduce file size, we need to compress it and during this operation, if any fault occurs it may render damaged PPT file. This is the stage where you need a repair tool to restore damaged PPT file.
  • User should offer proper current supply when you are working on computer because due to sudden failure of current your system gets shut down and PowerPoint presentation may be corrupted.
  • Viruses are also a concern for PowerPoint presentation errors. When PPT file affected with viruses, it becomes unreadable. User can refer this page to recover data from unreadable presentation.
  • OS crash or MS Office crash could also result in error while opening PowerPoint presentations.
  • If PPT file is saved in drive that is affected with bad sectors, it may become corrupted also. You may receive CRC error while opening file.
  • Similarly network failure while sharing file over network or accessing it from network drive could also make the file erroneous.

User should take necessary action soon after encountering error and go ahead to repair PowerPoint presentation error with efficient PowerPoint recovery tool. Whatever is the reason for PowerPoint error, you can fix it very easily with this app. It offers secure and easy method to fix corrupted, damaged, unreadable or inaccessible presentations. It has great potential to fix error in PowerPoint presentations that are created on different versions of MS Office PowerPoint. Software comes with smart and automated repairing engine that fixes kinds of errors in PPT, PPTX and PPS files. While repairing presentations, it recovers text, formatting, animations, sound effects, embedded clipart, hyperlinks etc. You can launch this software on all latest versions of Windows computers. If you want to utilize this application to restore PowerPoint 2010 presentation, visit this page to get easy guidance.

Steps to fix PowerPoint error:

Step 1: Install PowerPoint Recovery application on your computer . Launch it to get its main window as shown in figure I.

Error While Opening PowerPoint Presentation - Main Window

Figure I: Main Window

Step 2: Choose PowerPoint presentation and click on "Repair" button to start file repairing as shown in figure II.

Repair Error While Opening PowerPoint Presentation - Select Presentation File

Figure II: Select Presentation File

Step 3: Use "Browse" option to give the location where you wish to save repaired PowerPoint file and then click on save option to save file as shown in figure III.

Fix Error When Opening PowerPoint Presentation - Save Repaired Presentation File

Figure III: Save Repaired Presentation File