Delete Duplicate PowerPoint Files

Creation of duplicate file is a very common and unavoidable problem for an everyday computer user. As we store various information of computer hard drive, many times similar information is stored repeated without our knowledge. Accumulation of huge amount of duplicate data occupies large amount of the precise memory space and arises different issues regarding system performance. You can store documents, media or any other type of files in your system. If you have a large number of PowerPoint files in your computer, presence of duplicate file is very common. Among thousands of files, searching of duplicate PPT file will be very troublesome for any user. To search and delete duplicate PowerPoint file very easily, you need to employ a third party application called Remo MORE. This tool includes some efficient algorithm to point out copy of same PPT in some simple steps.

Deletion duplicate data whether it is PPT or any other type of files, is very useful in file management and hard disk utilization. Most of the time, we do not have exact knowledge about how many duplicate files are residing on the hard disk wasting storage space. If you are downloading or working on PPT every day, some duplicate PPT files must exist. If you want to free up the memory space occupied by those duplicate and unnecessary PowerPoint files, employ this Remo MORE software immediately. It will give you the list of duplicate PPT, PPTX, PPS files instantly and you can delete them selectively. As a duplicate data remover, this application established its fame around the world and earned best complement from different industry experts.

Removal duplicate PPT file from your system will help you to search any particular PPT file in small span of time. Besides that, with deletion of duplicate data you can improve system performance and minimize the booting time. If you keep your system clean by removing duplicate PPT files, more free memory space will be available that will help to run any application smoothly. If you want to remove any other duplicate data apart from PPT file, no need to find any other application. Remo MORE software is very effective to remove all types of duplicate files with ease.

This application is designed in a user-friendly environment to delete duplicate PowerPoint files effortlessly. Both expert and novice user can utilize this tool without any expert help. The most important feature of this application is that it searches duplicate file depending on its name as well as its content. You can perform this operation in a particular folder and drive using this file remover application.  Besides computer hard drive, if want to erase duplicate files from memory card, pen drive, external drive, you can choose this utility for better outcome. Even, you can employ this application to remove duplicate contacts from your Smartphone. Therefore, it is a universal duplicate data eraser to delete duplicate PowerPoint files or any other information instantly.

Simple Steps to Lock a PowerPoint Presentation File:

Step 1: Install this duplicate remover tool on your system and launch it. Then go to "Optimize" option and then select "Remove Duplicates" from the main screen.

Delete Duplicate PowerPoint Files - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, you have to choose appropriate option whether you want to remove duplicate PPT files in a particular folder or complete drive.

Delete Duplicate PowerPoint Files - Remove Duplicates Window

Fig 2: Remove Duplicates Window

Step 3: At last, you will see the list of duplicate PPT files and get message to confirm the deletion process. Select duplicate PPT files and click on "Yes" button to delete them.

Delete Duplicate PowerPoint Files - List of Duplicate PPT Files

Fig 3: List of Duplicate PPT Files