Unreadable PowerPoint Presentation Recovery

With MS PowerPoint application, you can create professional presentations with realistic graphical view. It provides you a set of tools to generate impressive presentations. However there is an issues with PowerPoint presentations that is it’s unexpected behavior when opening the file. You may encounter the presentation as unreadable with an error when trying to launch it. User may find presentation file unreadable with execution of any of following errors:

"PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by C:\documents\report.ppt"

"There was an error accessing D:\documents and settings\jimmy\report.ppt"

"PowerPoint file is corrupt and cannot be opened"

Often users lose crucial information from PPT /PPTX file when they don’t know how to recover data from unreadable PowerPoint presentation. The simplest way to resolve this issue and to extract data from unreadable presentation is utilization of PowerPoint Recovery Tool. With this professional utility you can restore corrupted, inaccessible, damaged and unreadable presentations after any file corruption issue.

Reasons, which are accountable for unreadable PowerPoint presentations:

  • Abrupt Termination of MS PowerPoint- While working on PowerPoint presentation, most of users are habitual of closing window directly when the application not is responding. Such unexpected termination of application may result in corrupting the presentation.
  • Corrupted Registry- PowerPoint presentation will become unreadable if there is error in Windows registry policy. Registry contains important information of MS PowerPoint, which is essential for accessing PPT file and if there is unexpected change in registry settings, it will result in unreadable PPT files. To repair that unreadable PPt file in simple tseps, follow this link: www.powerpointrecoverytool.net/how-to-open-corrupted-powerpoint-file.html.
  • Damaged Header- If the PowerPoint header is damaged or it is corrupted, presentation will not be opened. Header includes description of significant information about the presentation. Header could be damaged due to virus invasion and presence of bad sectors on the drive where the file is residing.
  • Storage Drive Corruption- User may need to recover data from unreadable PowerPoint presentation after storage drive corruption. Formation of bad sectors, physical damage to the drive, virus attack etc are few reasonable factors regarding storage drive corruption.

Similarly, MS PowerPoint crash, round tripping, file system error, OS malfunction, software glitches, corrupt CRC etc are also accountable for rendering PowerPoint presentation unreadable. In this stage, user should go with repair application to restore data from unreadable PowerPoint presentation. Furthermore, user can refer this link www.powerpointrecoverytool.net/ppt.html to repair unreadable PowerPoint file after any corruption issue.

PowerPoint Recovery Tool is designed with advanced repair algorithms that make it strongly effective in scanning process to recover data from unreadable PowerPoint presentation. An automated repair program performs quick fixing of corrupted, damaged and unreadable PPT, PPTX and PPS documents. You can make use of this award winning software to recover deleted PowerPoint 2007 files. Software comes with easy to use GUI that facilitates Windows users to fix and save data from unreadable ppt with least technical knowledge. You can employ this comprehensive tool to fix and extract information from PowerPoint presentations that are created on MS PowerPoint 2010 and other previous launches. If you are MS PowerPoint 2010 user and want to recover data from unreadable PowerPoint presentation in easy steps, click on this link http://www.powerpointrecoverytool.net/2010.html.

Note: PowerPoint Recovery Tool can also be implemented to recover lost PowerPoint 2007 file, with great ease. To have more idea refer this link: http://www.powerpointrecoverytool.net/lost-powerpoint-2007-file.html

Step-by-step procedure to fix unreadable presentation

Step 1: Download and install PowerPoint repair tool on your system and launch it.

Recover Data from Unreadable PowerPoint Presentation - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: From main window, select unreadable presentation which you want to repair using "Browse" option and click on "Repair" button to start file repairing.

Repair Unreadable PowerPoint File - Select Presentation

Fig 2: Select Presentation

Step 3: After the repair process gets over, a window will be displayed showing "Preview File" option as shown in fig 3.

Fix Unreadable PowerPoint Presentation - Preview Fixed Presentation

Fig 3: Preview Fixed Presentation