How To Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2010 File

It’s a nightmare for every MS Office users when they find important presentation are not accessible. If you have also come across this frightening scenario and worrying for your hard work that you made in preparing PowerPoint 2010 file, look at this information. Now you are also capable of restoring corrupted PPT file that is affected with various corruption issues. Actually, your PPT file may not be quite as damaged as it seems even after severe corruption, information may be present there on file. So just read this info and know how to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file in simple steps.

Here we have mentioned few most common scenarios that concerned for corrupted PowerPoint 2010 file:

  • Header of any file is very important for readability of file. If the header of a PowerPoint presentation is damaged or corrupted, file will not be read by OS. Basically, header gets damaged if the file is saved on hard drive bad sectors or due to virus attack.
  •  MS PowerPoint Crash is another severe cause for corrupt PPT files. Due to firmware issues or programming bugs, MS PowerPoint application may be crashed after that PPT file may be unreadable.
  • Any change in Windows Registry policies is also a concern for corruption to PowerPoint presentations.
  • You may find PowerPoint file is not opening after you tried to convert it into different format such as PPT to PPTX etc. Click on to know other reasons and solution to fix not opening PowerPoint file.
  • You may need to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file after CRC error that is caused after incomplete download or improper compression/de-compression process.
  • Software glitches, hard drive crash, OS crash etc are other factors that are responsible for PPT file corruption and then you need to fix PPT file.

If you wish to not face such problem again you must keep copies of important presentations on different drives so that if disaster happens, you can make use of these copies as backup. Otherwise, you can rely on other methods to fix corrupt PowerPoint 2010 files.

One of the most trusted and effective way to fix corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file is PowerPoint Recovery Tool. It is designed with advanced technology to perform safe and easy repairing of PowerPoint presentations that are corrupted or not opening because of various issues such as header corruption, virus attack, MS Office crash, CRC error etc. Software simply creates a replica of source PPT file and repairs it. Once you launch this app, it automatically scans PowerPoint presentation and recovers text, sounds, graphics and other elements. With this utility you can repair corrupt PPT, PPTX, PPS files that have created on MS PowerPoint 2010 and it’s previous versions. Visit at to repair presentations on Windows 8 system.

Note: Refer this informative page to explore an easy approach for recovering deleted PowerPoint 2010 slides.

Steps to repair PowerPoint 2010 file:

Step 1: Download and install PowerPoint Recovery tool on your system. Launch the software to open its home screen as shown in figure A.

How To Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2010 File - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Select PowerPoint 2010 presentation and click on "Repair" button to start file repair process as shown in figure B.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2010 File - Select PowerPoint 2010 File

Figure B: Select PowerPoint 2010 File

Step 3: Select the location where you want to save fixed PowerPoint 2010 file and then click on save option as shown in figure C.

Restore PowerPoint 2010 File - Save Fixed PPT File

Figure C: Save Fixed PPT File