Tool to Fix .PPTX File that can't Open

PowerPoint application empower it’s users to elaborate information or report in short form. This is most widely used application to generate attractive and dynamic presentations. Although it is a user-friendly app with lots of features to produce amazing PPTX file but in the same time it is quite unwieldy to deal with. Often users do mistake while working on PowerPoint and left with corrupted presentation. You may receive error, “PowerPoint cannot open .pptx file” while launching the presentation. But you do not need to get panic as this problem can be fixed easily with PowerPoint recovery tool.

There are few common circumstances where you may receive error saying that “PowerPoint cannot open .pptx file”. Often we need to share presentations via email attachment. If the file is of large size, it is better to compress it for their convenience at time of composing. While compressing PPTX file or extracting archive, if the process is interrupted, it will result in corrupted archive. Similarly, if the file is not downloaded completely, definitely it will throw error and user won’t access information on PPTX file. Therefore, users are recommended to use a good file compression tool to generate PPTX archive before emailing it and also use strong internet connection to avoid several interruptions. However after receiving error, PowerPoint file cannot be opened, user can take advantage of third party app to fix this issue.

While editing or creating presentation on PowerPoint, if the system gets shutdown abruptly or the application is terminated improperly, it will render the PPTX file inaccessible or severely corrupted. Additionally, user should scan computer hard drive regularly with a proficient antivirus application for keeping the system virus free. Viruses are very active in modifying or corrupting presentation files deliberately.  Also, user may find PPTX file inaccessible when it is saved on storage drive that is affected with bad sectors. Furthermore, header corruption is very common problem after PPTX file becomes unreadable. In such regretful situation, user should proceed with a prominent tool to recover data from unreadable presentation. With such application, it becomes pretty easy to deal with various errors that are accountable for making PPTX file corrupted or inaccessible.


What to do when PowerPoint cannot open .PPTX file?

The moment you suspect unexpected error like "Not Valid Win 32 Application" message and fails to open PPT file, do not attempt to delete it. Also avoid making changes on PPTX presentation after troubleshoot. Users are suggested to employ an effective PowerPoint Recovery Tool to eliminate or repair error PPT is not valid Win32 application occurs due to corrupted, broken, unreadable, or not opening due to other reasons. For more information, visit here You can execute it on all major versions of Windows computer to repair PPT, PPTX, PPS files that are created on various MS PowerPoint environments. With this user-friendly tool, it becomes quite easy to extract data when PPTX file is not opening. After a click on, Windows 8 user can get the easiest way to repair presentations.

Note: This software can also be used to recover lost PPT 2007 file, with great ease. To have more insight refer this page:

Steps to fix PPTX file

Step 1: After installing the demo version of PowerPoint Recovery Tool, double click n the desktop icon to open its main Window as depicted in figure shown below.

PowerPoint Cannot Open .PPTX File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select PPTX file that you want to fix using "Browse" option and then click on "Repair" tab to start repair process.

Fix PPTX File - Select PPTX File

Fig 2: Select PPTX File

Step 3: After the repair process is completed, you can preview repaired presentation using "Preview File" option as shown in fig 3.

Repair PowerPoint Presentation - Preview PPTX File

Fig 3: Preview PPTX File