Recover Broken PowerPoint File

Making a PowerPoint presentation of decent quality along with animated effects, sound, images, and other multimedia objects consumes significant amount of time. When such a laboriously created PowerPoint file gets corrupted or damaged especially, when it is about to be used, then you may get depressed or annoyed. Understandably anyone would get tensed on such occurrence. The only solution to such sort of remorseful act is deploying PowerPoint Recovery Tool. This software scans the damaged or corrupted PPT file and recover broken PowerPoint file which is brand new PowerPoint having each of the characteristics of old one.

Basically any PPT file gets broken because of virus attack. Let’s assume one of such instance and detail how to tackle such corruption issue over PPT. Suppose that you have got a PPT file, which you need to use for presentation very next day. However, when you tried to have access to the PPT file, it showed message “There was an error accessing file C:\documents and settings\username\presentation.pptx”. This type of message while accessing PPT file is depiction that, file has been corrupted or broken. As this thing happen PowerPoint file doesn’t opens even after you try multiple numbers of times. So, in order to recover broken PowerPoint file one should immediately deploy PowerPoint repair tool. If you need to know more about PPT file not opening then visit:

Sometimes you may use some recovery tools to restore accidentally deleted PPT files from your computer. If the recovery process is interrupted by errors such as a sudden power surge, then the recovered PPT file may get broken. To fix PPT files after recovering them using a restoration tool, you can use PowerPoint Recovery Tool which support various PowerPoint versions such as 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Broken PPT file case can also develop because of improper termination of the PPT file. If while making use of the PPT file it gets closed because of system failure, power surge or any other reason, then the file which is open at that instant of time may get lost or corrupted. Apart from this reasons there are different other reasons which can make PPT file corrupted. To know more about them, follow the given link: Some of the system generated messages that get delivered to PPT user on corruption are:

  • PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by filename.ppt
  • Microsoft PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • The PowerPoint file is corrupt. 

Some of the corruption issue in relation to PPT can be prevented by following measures like always close your PPT file in proper, have updated anti-virus installed on system, don’t use unauthenticated third party software on computer or laptop and always have backup of crucial files. In case even after following measures PPT file gets broken on MS PowerPoint 2007, then easily perform PowerPoint 2007 file recovery.


This PPT repair tool can be easily applied on different versions of MS office with utmost. In addition to these corruption issues over PPT file, it can also be efficiently implemented for CRC error and up-gradation error. When any user recover broken PowerPoint file by implementing this software each of the objects of PPT such as texts, images, sound effects, OLE objects, animation, hyperlinks, word art objects, etc. are recovered. It can also be readily applied to repair PPTX and PPS file on different versions of Windows OS. To know more about PPT repair on Windows 8, go through this link:

Note: Visit at and know haow repair presentation file with this app after PowerPoint says, "file is corrupted".

Use these steps to repair broken PPT file:

Step 1: Download and install PowerPoint Recovery Tool on your system.As installation is completed launch the tool to open its Home Wizard as shown in figure A.

Recover Broken PowerPoint File - Home Wizard

Figure A: Home Wizard

Step 2: Choose the PowerPoint file using browse button and click on "Repair" option to start broken PPT file repair process as shown in figure B.

Fix Broken PPT File - Select PowerPoint File

Figure B: Select PowerPoint File

Step 3: After PPT file is repaired you can easily save it at the desired location of HDD using browse button, as shown in figure C.

Restore PPT Data - Save Repaired PPT File

Figure C: Save Repaired PPT File

Note: If you want a more illustrated explanation on repairing broken PowerPoint files, you can watch this video.