Recover Accidentally Deleted PowerPoint File

Microsoft Office application is really completely dedicated program to make business dynamic. PowerPoint presentation is one of special feature from that suit to explain business ideas and reports in an animated, lively and inclusive manner. It is an extensively used app when it comes to make and deliver business report, office presentations and academic assignments. However, sometimes a little mistake or improper activity can result in deletion of valuable presentations. In such cases, all your hard work gets squandered if you don’t take any action to recover accidentally deleted PowerPoint file. Often users experience this unwanted crisis and lose their PPT file since they don’t make a proper decision in such calamities. If anyhow, you are also running into this crisis, here is a perfect solution for you to restore presentations. From now onwards, you no need to bother because there is the best PowerPoint recovery tool for you to restore accidentally deleted PowerPoint file.

Circumstances where PowerPoint file could be deleted are:

  • User can mistakenly delete an important presentation at the time he is erasing unwanted documents from computer hard drive or any other removable storage media. Later when he comes to know about this mistake, can proceed to recover accidentally deleted PowerPoint file.
  • Viruses could also take part in corrupting or deleting your precious presentation files.  If you suspect any of your PPTX file is corrupted or deleted, employ deleted PowerPoint file recovery tool to restore PPTX file.
  • Use of Shift + Delete keys will cause deletion of presentations and then you will not have option to recover accidentally deleted PowerPoint file from Recycle Bin.
  • Deletion of user account also results in the same disaster and all document gets delete along with presentations.

Besides these above described reasons, your PowerPoint presentation file may be deleted after attack of severe viruses and due to occurrence of few unexpected accidents like OS crash or sudden OS reboot while performing operation on file without saving it properly. In any of such unwanted even, you don’t have to be stressed since there is a great option for you to recover accidentally deleted PowerPoint file. Refer this page to know how to restore presentation that are not opening.

PowerPoint Recovery Tool is an automated program that avails plenty of comprehensive features to assist users torecover accidentally deleted PowerPoint file. Also this smart app has the ability to repair broken, corrupted, damaged and inaccessible PowerPoint file in all types of corruption situation easily and effectively in few mouse clicks. Using this tool, you can fix as well as recover deleted or lost file without losing text, effects, sound, images, hyperlinks, animation and other information intact on the file.It is effectively applicable on PPT, PPTX and PPs file formats created on different versions of MS Office 2003, 2007, 2010 etc. It is one of the most expedient and result oriented deleted PowerPoint file recovery application in few simple mouse clicks. Visit at to learn easy way to recover PPT files on Windows 8.

Note: Visit at and how can you utilize this app to retrieve deleted PowerPoint 2010 slides.

Simple steps to recover deleted PowerPoint file:

Step 1: Install the PowerPoint Recovery Tool and run it to launch main screen. Here select Recover Files option as depicted in figure a.

Recover Accidentally Deleted PowerPoint File - MainScreen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive in which file was saved and then click on Next to start scanning as depicted in figure b.

Restore Accidentally Deleted PowerPoint File - Select Drive

Figure b: Select Drive

Step 3: After scanning is completed, software will show Data View or File type view of restored files.

Deleted PowerPoint File Recovery- Recovered Files

Figure c: Recovered Files