Retrieve PowerPoint File after System Crash

“I recently, created a very communicating and knowledgeable PPT file for my office project. After creating the PPT file, I turned off my system. Later when I turned on my system it got turned off in abrupt way. After sometime, when I tried to turn on the system, an error message was reported. Is there any tool that can be used to recover PowerPoint 2007 file after crash?”

This excerpt has been taken from one of the renowned forum. PowerPoint file loss due to system crash is one of the repeated reasons. As this kind of PPT file loss no manual way is left to recover data from crashed system. In such PowerPoint file loss scenario, any of you can make use of PowerPoint Recovery Tool to recover PowerPoint 2007 file after crash. Besides abrupt system shutdown system crash can happen due various other reasons, such as:

Bad Sectors: Any of the Windows system can get crashed due to creation of numerous bad sectors over the active partition. Bad sectors usually get created over any hard disk drive due to variety of reasons such as repeated formatting of the drive, software malfunctioning, abrupt system shutdown, etc.

MBR Corruption: Master Boot Record or most commonly known as MBR is one of the most crucial parts of any system hard drive. If due to any reason it gets corrupted then each of the pre-saved PowerPoint files over the drive get inaccessible. However, you can employ this award winning toolkit for recovering lost PowerPoint slides compatible with updated vewrsions of MS PowerPoint 2007, 2003, etc.

Virus Attack: Viruses are small program that is capable to make some of the un-recommended changes in the file system of any drive. As this kind of dangerous program leave there impact on the drive different error messages are reported to the users. This kind of unwanted program usually gets within system via other peripheral storage devices or World Wide Web. To know more about this kind of PowerPoint loss scenarios, visit this link:

Any user can recover PowerPoint 2007 file after crash, because when any of the PPT file is lost under these circumstances, they keep sustaining at the saved memory area as long as they aren’t overwritten by any of the new file. So, if you wish to recover PowerPoint 2007 file after crash then make use of this recovery software as soon as possible.

In order to recover data from crashed hard drive, first of all you need to connect the crashed hard drive to other system and then run this application over it. The interface of this software guides its users at every single step to recover PowerPoint 2007 file after crash in a very easy and effective way. By usage of this software users can also recover accidentally deleted PowerPoint file from different Windows system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and various others. It can be used for different other PPT loss scenarios such as deletion by third party software, deletion of partition, deletion from Recycle Bin folder, etc. To know specifically about how to recover MS PowerPoint 2010 file, visit this link:

Simple Steps to Recover PPT 2007 File after Crash:

Step 1: Install the PowerPoint Recovery Tool and run it to launch main screen. Here choose Recover Drives option as depicted in figure a.

Recover Powerpoint 2007 File After Crash - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive from where PPT file was lost and then click on Next to start scanning as depicted in figure b.

Recover Powerpoint 2007 File After Crash - Select Drive

Figure b: Select Drive

Step 3: After scanning is completed, software will show Data View or File type view of restored PPT files.

Recover Powerpoint 2007 File After Crash - Recovered Files

Figure c: Recovered Files